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Our Services

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Here at Healthy Mind we offer a variety of services to best support you and your lifestyle. We have a main office in Gawler, South Australia but also service the Darwin area via online platforms.

What We


Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support sessions are tailored to your individual needs. You will typically see a mental health clinician on a reoccurring basis for hour long appointments.

Some services our mental heath clinicians can support you with: couples counselling, emotional regulation, anxiety and depression support, developing coping strategies, daily practical problem solving and more. 


Support Work

We have a range of qualified and experienced support workers, who can assist you with in home supports, accessing the community, transportation, activities etc. Support workers are funded through the NDIS and are there to support and assist you! 


Social Work

Our Social Workers are experts in human behaviour and development, life stages, families and social networks, disabilities and health, including mental health. We assist clients to identify the changes needed and connect them with the right team to ensure they are supported with daily life.


Support Coordination

Support Coordinators manage your NDIS plan. They help you unpack the supports approved in your NDIS plan, and assist you in accessing services that suit you. Our Support Coordinators also have the capacity to provide recovery coaching; understanding your needs, help you access specific services and many other areas. 


Behaviour Support

We offer positive behaviour support services, where a PBS practitioner will work directly with you to create behaviour support plans, reinforce positive behaviours and provide you with strategies to increase desired behaviours.

Behaviour support in general is acknowledged and covered in most areas of our services. 


Sub Areas of Services


We are a registered provider of the Employee Assistance program (EAP). EAP is a confidential counselling service offered by some employers to their employees to support their well- being in both their workplace and personal lives.

Early Childhood

Our qualified, experienced key workers offer assistance to children aged 0-6 years who have disabilities. Our friendly staff work with young children and their support networks to manage their concerns via a range of age-appropriate strategies and techniques. 

Want more info? Call us on (08) 8522 5042 or email

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